ixd (invisibledamage) wrote in sicklypeople,


i am bipolar. i have known since 6th grade. my family and doctors have said i am but refuse to write it down.. they give me lamicil (sp) or something rather. adderal. cylexa. and some other g word drug. my parents keep them away. they are scared because my family doesnt want to admit it and dont want the doctors to tell me... they say maybe she isnt. i have known i was and i hate it... i wish sometimes that theyd just get it out of the way so that in 5 years i dont have to be like oo what now im bipolar. i go to bp support groups and talk to lots of people. my personal counselor has no doubt in her mind. my episodes are terrible and my symptoms quite obvious. i am 15 now. just thought id introduce myself. i'm nikky ♥.. most popular girl at my school.. sighs. being bipolar sucks that much more. everything i do comes back to haunt me.
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